Hello world!

For months now I have been researching on the internet, trying to find information on what is going on in the world and why and what it all means. As happens when one is researching anything online page after page, link after link I found myself learning about some pretty scarey stuff!

If you are an uneducated novice on the subjects of 2012, seismic activity, sun spots and solar cycles and everything from the Earths magnetic field to the tectonic plates…then you are not alone!

But what happens when you start to research these things? What happens when you tell yourself that it’s all a bunch of hogwash and then everyday on the news it is staring you in the (now not quite so cocky) face? What happens when in between all of the wacky and lunatic sights online you find information that resonates with what you consider to be your intelligent mind? (ctd in the about page)

As a wife and mother, sister, aunty and friend, but most of all as a woman…i feel the need to start to prepare.

Call it just in case, call me paranoid, but I’m going to start preparing for my family and maybe you should too.

This blog will be everything I learn about ‘prepping’ as it’s called, shared for others that have the inclination. As I live in Australia (hence the name) most info about prepping will be of local interest, but there should be information that can help anyone. I hope you find something of interest here for you, and please feel free to comment and share.


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