Hawthorne Residents React to Quakes – My News 4 – KRNV, Reno, NV

Hawthorne Residents React to Quakes – My News 4 – KRNV, Reno, NV.

Page Last Updated: Wednesday April 20, 2011 3:38pm PDT
Reno, Nev. — New monitoring equipment is now in place to better understand the hundreds of quakes occurring near Hawthorne, Nev.

This happened just a week after the swarm of quakes began.  Seismologists and engineers at “TV Hill” installed the new earthquake monitoring devices at the location, which is just eight miles away from Hawthorne and 10,000 feet in elevation.

Before now, the nearest monitoring device was 25 miles away. Engineers say the new equipment will provide seismologists data in real-time. Ultimately these new devices will help first responders in an emergency situation.

Residents say they have felt a number of the quakes rated at four and higher. They say the quakes have shaken homes, but have not caused any real damage. A couple sitting outside of one restaurant in Hawthorne said, as of now they are not too concerned, unless “they get bigger.”

As of today the largest quake felt by people in Hawthorne, was a 4.6.

Seismologists hope to know much more about the fault line underneath these quakes thanks to the new detectors by the end of the week.

by: Brooke Boone


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