Will Japan ever stop shaking? 6.0 quake brings aftershock total to 1071 in 43 days

“This aftershock sequence will continue for years, even decades,” Morgan Page a USGS geologist said.
Another 6.0 earthquake struck off the east coast of Japan at a depth of 38 km. The shaking of the Japanese Islands will continue until the geological processes hastening planetary change reaches a precarious ‘tipping point’. Of particular concern, is the noticeable movement of magma accompanying tectonic plate agitation after the Japanese earthquake. On the map below of the planet’s hotspots, or major and minor magma plumes, earthquakes have recently agitated these regions indicating magmatic pressures are rising uniformly across the planet  and the Japanese quake is no mere regional catastrophe but rather a pretext of geological change that will unfold across the planet.  
The escalation of seismic activity in Hawaii, Iceland, and the quakes in Easter Island and Fiji, the volcanic ignition of the Tonga and Kermadec arcs, the quakes in Trista da Cunha, along the Eastern Africa Rift Zone, the quakes along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the recent uptick in seismic activity at Yellowstone, seismic agitation of New Zealand, the submarine quakes off the coast of Oregon, the quake swarms at Baja, California (which harbors a volcanic rift) are all indications of hotspot eruptions and that this process is further along than most of us realize. Magma is on the move. The planet is simply awaiting another major catastrophic trigger for everything to detrimentally trip to the next level of upheaval. –The Extinction Protocol



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