Highly contagious mystery virus with AIDS-like symptoms quickly spreading throughout China

A new mystery virus with symptoms similar to those of AIDS and HIV is turning up
all over China, according to a recent report in The Epoch Times. Patients
with the highly transmissible disease are experiencing dramatic weight loss,
night sweats, numb limbs, severe body aches, joint problems, severe vomiting,
and the obvious decrease in white blood cell count and subsequent deterioration
of the immune system.

A translated report from the Chinese news source
New Express Daily explains that people who contract the new AIDS-like virus — which spreads through
any bodily fluid, including saliva and sweat, by the way — experience
nearly all the same symptoms as AIDS patients do, but routinely
test negative for the disease. And experts are
allegedly unable to authoritatively identify the disease, or the source from
which it came.

A reporter from New Express Daily recently
interviewed 30 different patients with the disease, most of which were believed
to have contracted it through sexual contact. But several of them contracted it
from other sources, including one via a blood transfusion from a
relative, and another from a friend at a casual house gathering. And their
accounts are chilling.

“I thought it was just a cold at the time, so I
still participated in all kinds of gatherings,” explained a retired army officer
with the disease to The Epoch Times. “Consequently, over 100 of my
comrades in the army, relatives and friends were infected by me.”

say that the Chinese
Health Ministry has ordered epidemiological studies in six provinces with high
numbers of infected patients, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan,
Jiangsu, and Guangdong. To date, though, there have been no conclusive
discoveries made concerning the cause or source of the

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