New tornado warning for NZ

Last Updated: 4 hours 8 minutes ago

Meteorologists in New Zealand are warning of the possibility of more tornadoes in the North Island just days after a deadly twister hit the country’s largest city, Auckland.

MetService says severe storms are likely in parts of the North Island today, and a complex trough over the area means more tornadoes are possible.

Tuesday’s tornado hit without warning, killing one man and injuring 14 others, as winds of more than 200 kilometres an hour tore the roof off a shopping mall, overturned cars and uprooted trees.

Paul Mallinson, a severe weather forecaster for the NZ Metservice, has told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program that more bad weather is expected.

“We’re watching things closely,” Mr Mallinson said.

“Any thunderstorm can in fact produce a tornado but today we are concerned about a situation where we know we’ll very likely have thunderstorms over the northern part of the north island, and the ingredients today for tornadoes are actually showing much more obviously than they were three days ago.

“So there is this risk anywhere from Auckland…into the Bay of Plenty.”

Mr Mallinson says a public warning has been issued to areas that might be at risk.


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