Tidal waves hit Fiji’s Coral Coast

Huge tidal waves hit Sigatoka and the Coral Coast areas of Fiji this morning strewing debris and fish along the Queen’s Highway and sweeping belongings out to sea.

Fiji Under 20 rugby coach Inoke Male told FBC News – the team was training when the tidal waves struck.

The team lost belongings such as shoes, towels and clothes.

Anwa Khan from Sydney who was driving from Nadi to Suva called FBC News from Sigatoka to say waves have reached the highway which is now strewn with debris.

“The water was just coming right on-top of the road so we stopped the car and actually the water spray went right over the car and threw all the rubbish onto the road and went back. There were some fishes on the roads. The villagers have started coming to the road and started picking things. Patches on the roads you can see all the woods, coconuts, logs and coral. All the villages along the coast have water in their backyard.”

There has been no confirmation as yet of major damages or injuries but details are still coming in.

Report by : Elenoa Osborne

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