Another tornado rips through Missouri as death toll rises

UPDATE 8.30am: A TORNADO causing heavy damage has touched down in Missouri after severe storms ripping through the US midwest killed at least 15 overnight.

The twister hit the southern part of Sedalia – a city of over 20,000 –  after 12.20pm local time, damaging homes and businesses, according to  the Kansas City Star.

Resident Clayton Wright told the  newspaper that he emerged from his basement after the storm and saw “a  lot of damage” in his neighbourhood.

“Tree limbs are down. Tops of houses are gone. There is even one house that is missing,” he said.

Aerial  television footage showed several homes destroyed among twisted rubble  and splintered, uprooted trees. A mobile home park appeared to have  suffered major damage.

About 15 people were treated for minor  injuries at Bothwell Regional Health Center, but were not admitted,  spokeswoman Lisa Church told NewsCore.

Sedalia is about 240km  northeast of Joplin, Missouri, where the single deadliest tornado  recorded by the National Weather Service killed over 120 people on  Sunday.

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