Jets all-clear as Iceland volcano out of puff

THOUSANDS of Brits breathed a huge sigh of relief  yesterday as the Icelandic  ash cloud threat was lifted.

The bank holiday getaway got the all-clear as the volcano spewing out dust  simply  ran out of puff.

UK flights resumed as normal after tests showed ash that grounded 500 flights  on Tuesday had cleared.

Forecasters said it could be back tomorrow but at up to 50,000ft – meaning  planes can safely fly UNDER it.

Icelandic meteorologist Hrafn Gudmundsson said the Grimsvotn volcano, which  sparked the alert, had stopped erupting and was now pouring only steam into  the atmosphere.

He said: “It is not officially declared over but we have every indication it  is ceasing.”

He spoke after BA followed Ryanair’s lead and carried out flight tests –  claiming later there was no ash threat.

Flights were grounded in Germany yesterday but air traffic agency Eurocontrol  said no significant disruption is expected today.

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