Viet Nam: Ice factory collapsed into the river/The road suddenly subsided, serious cracks..

NLDO) – In six hours of the day 25-5, landslides on the banks of the Hau River as the basis of ice production in Thai Binh Binh Khanh ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang province collapsed into a river.

At the scene, about soil erosion more than 70m long, deep into the foundation stone of about 10 meters of water plants, make up about 20 meters deep pit beneath the swirling river.

Establishment owners said many equipment and machinery used in manufacturing fell to the river disappeared. Even tugboat moored in the river was the great array of land and iron frame, metal roof, the plant’s machinery … and then engulf crushed.

Grabbing slides deeper into the ice factory in Thai Binh.

According to Truong Van Huu, home base, this area has appeared many signs of erosion from the previous day. Previously, he had hired a specialized unit surveyed the river in this area and is recommended to landslides in the coming days.

About three days ago, the basis has suspended production to move furniture, equipment and machinery from the area. By morning the same day, Mr Huu intended for the workers are finished breakfast will move furniture and dismantle the factory when suddenly occurred landslides.

As many machines landslide crashed into a river and cracked his Huu floor collapsed.

Risk of further landslides occurred in this area in coming days


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