China admits Three Gorges Dam has ‘urgent problems’ as drought persists

Water is released from the sluice for flood prevention at the Three Gorges Dam in Yichang on July 20, 2010.

Beijing (CNN) — In a rare admission, the Chinese government has said the Three Gorges Dam — the world’s largest hydropower plant — is having “urgent problems,” warning of environmental, construction and migration “disasters” amid the worst drought to hit southern China in 50 years.

China’s State Council, the country’s Cabinet, this week said that while the dam has been beneficial to the region, there has also been a variety of issues since construction began in 1992.

“At the same time that the Three Gorges Dam project provides huge comprehensive benefits, urgent problems must be resolved regarding the smooth relocation of residents, ecological protection and geological disaster prevention,” the statement said.

This is the first major official acknowledgment of the dam’s repercussions. The Chinese government also admitted the Three Gorges Dam has negatively impacted downstream river water, transport and migration.

“Some problems emerged at various stages of project planning and construction but could not be solved immediately due to the conditions at the time,” the State Council said. “Some arose because of increased demands brought on by economic and social development.”

The project, which cost more than 180 billion yuan (US$28 billion), has been a source of pride for the government while also arousing intense debate among scientists and villagers. Completed in 2006, the dam includes a five-tier ship lock, a reservoir, and 26 hydropower turbo-generators. The dam was originally touted for its ability to control the impact of flooding that threatens the Yangtze river delta each summer.

However, millions of Chinese citizens have been adversely impacted throughout the construction process and even after the dam’s completion.

The Three Gorges displaced over 1.4 million residents along the Yangtze during the digging and construction of a giant concrete barrier, made up of 16 million tons of concrete. More than 1,000 towns and villages were flooded in the process. Landslides and pollution have plagued the areas near the dam since it was built.

Meanwhile, a prolonged drought has persisted along the Yangtze, affecting nearly 10 million people along the river’s middle and lower sections, in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Citizens in the region are blaming the dam’s restiction on river flow for exacerbating the effects of the drought.


One comment on “China admits Three Gorges Dam has ‘urgent problems’ as drought persists

  1. Anytime you mess with mother nature, you run this risk. The Dam was supposed to create 10% of the electricity to be used in Japan. But the country is getting way to big too fast. This is sad news though about the draught.

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