Very strong shallow earthquake in Argentina Mag 6.2

At 08:12 AM local time, a very strong shallow earthquake has occurred in Argentina. The closest villages were San Rafael and La Ronda. The nearest big city is San Salvador de Jujuy.

The earthquake was very well felt in several provinces like: TucumánJujuyCatamarca and Santiago del Estero.

Buildings and schools in Jujuy and Tucumán were immediately evacuated. Some cracks were noticed in some houses near the epicenter.

The earthquake was also felt in the southern part of Bolivia.

So far no traces of serious damage or injuries. Signs of broken windows in San Salvador de Jujuy.
Mobile networks were out of business for several minutes 
in Salta.

The information in the local press can be called “minimal”. Even the San Salvador de Jujuy local press (closest to the epicenter) has only a couple of paragraphs citing the seismic data as the main content.

People living in San Pedro have reported a MMI VI shaking (strong shaking). San Pedro is approx. 60 km from the epicenter. San Pedro has a population of 58,430 people!)

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