All things Rennison

 ‎” I am convinced that the integration of 
science and metaphysics is the only way to understand the changes taking 
place that have been predicted by traditional, indigenous, esoteric and 
metaphysical sources” Susan Rennison.

This page is dedicated to sharing the amazing information of Susan Rennison, who explains the link between all things metaphysical and scientific that are affecting us today. An amazing woman having a pround impact on her field and many others, as well as all of us looking for more information.

2012, Galactic Cosmology
& A New World Age

Planetary Challenges & Spiritual Evolution

Summary For Citizens of Planet Earth

Space Weather: Implications for Planet Earth and Humankind

Every person wanting to know and understand more about Earth Changes needs to watch the above video of Susan Rennison’s Lecture. Profound and informative!


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