The Regional Seismic Users group

Aims to provide a place where users can “meet” each other, and exchange, thoughts, ideas etc, to improve or use of the powerful tool at our disposal, made possible to a great extent through the benevolence of Paul Harris and others at the Australian Centre for Geomechanics in Perth, WA :

Seismicity of Western Australia UWA Website : An overview of current New Zealand volcanic activity.

This map shows near real–time shaking intensity from New Zealand’s network of seismographs: : The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre

Check out these two great emergency planning lists packed full of important information, including many things you might not think of. Print them out for your family prepping now and get started. The peace of mind just having some preparing done is priceless, and you may just be thankful one day that you did it!

familydisasterplan-sdc This Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide is from the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services.

familydisastercalendar The Family Disaster Supplies & Preparedness Calendar is intended to help you take appropriate preparedness actions and create a 3–7 day disaster supply kit before the next emergency happens. Using the calendar, your family can assemble an emergency kit in small steps over a six month period.


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