Magnetic field anomalies and signs of further field declination

April 12, 2011 – TRISTAN DA CUNHA – We believe the story about the whirlpools in the Atlantic, near northern Brazil, in many ways started on February 27, 2011. What’s the significance of this date? This was the date we began reporting very unusual seismic tremors were taking place under the volcano Tristan da Cunha which straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Below are the seismometers for the volcanic region taken from the USGS LISS site in February of 2011 showing a gradual intensification of seismic activity under the volcano from left to right. Tristian da Cunha happens to be the star on the above map. Tristan da Cunha also happens to be in the middle of the red region on the map known as the South Atlantic Anomaly- the place on Earth where the planet’s magnetic field is the weakest. I wrote in The Extinction Protocol: “The SAA field anomaly is an early-warning indicator that significant changes are already occurring in Earth’s magnetic field. The reality is the field is deteriorating.” –page 112
The whirlpools, appearing in the Atlantic, are also occurring in the region of the South Atlantic Anomaly and are probable indications that the planet’s magnetic field strength is now in a rapid state of decline. The SAA is almost  10,000 km in length and is rapidly spreading towards Africa just as divergent forces are intensifying the pull of the African Plate and the South American Plate apart. In January of 2011, the Tampa airport had to reconfigure its airport markers because of the migration of the magnetic north pole. Commenting on the incident in January of 2011, said: The magnetic north pole is always slowly moving and is currently heading towards Russia from its current position in far northern Canada. The magnetic north pole moves by around 64 km (40 miles) a year because of changes within the Earth’s core (unlike the true north pole which moves very slowly due to tectonic plate movements). It has moved from extremes of around 10 degrees east in the late 16th century to 25 degrees west early in the 19th century, and is now at around 3 degrees west. The north and south magnetic poles can also switch places, and this last happened about 780,000 years ago. According to FAA spokesman Paul Takemoto changes at other airports may not be required because magnetic fields vary from place to place.”

According to the British Geological Survey, during Roman times, Earth’s magnetic field was twice as strong as it is now. If in the past reversals, there were times of high heat-flux from the mantle that sea-floor spreading as well as hotspot activity increased- we can expect something similar during this magnetic reversal. This includes increased volcanic activity at Tristan da Cunha, Hawaii, Easter Island and some of the planet’s many super-volcanoes, including Yellowstone. The planet’s various hotspots are visible on the map above. Hot spot are plumes where magma bascially moves from planetary mantle/core to surface. –The Extinction Protocol


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